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  • hex head screw — noun A screw with a hexagonal head. See Also: hex head bolt …   Wiktionary

  • hex head bolt — noun A bolt with a hexagonal head. See Also: hex head screw, wrench …   Wiktionary

  • hex head wrench — noun A screwdriver whose handle and hexagonal head are at right angles. Syn: Allen key, Allen wrench, hex key See Also: Allen screw, Allen bolt …   Wiktionary

  • Hex key — A hex key, also known as an Allen, Alum, hex head, or zeta key or wrench, is a tool used to drive screws and bolts that have a hexagonal socket in the head.Some features of this type of tool are: *The tool is simple, small and light. *The contact …   Wikipedia

  • Hex — A hex is a curse or magical spell or a female caster of such. The term is derived from the German word Hexe for a witch. Hex is also the Greek root word denoting six as in hexagon , a six sided geometric figure. Hex may also mean:Media Television …   Wikipedia

  • hex key — noun A hex head wrench. Syn: Allen key, Allen wrench, hex head wrench See Also: Allen screw, Allen bolt …   Wiktionary

  • hex — I. verb Etymology: Pennsylvania German hexe, from German hexen, from Hexe witch, from Old High German hagzissa; akin to Middle English hagge hag Date: 1830 intransitive verb to practice witchcraft transitive verb 1. to put a hex on 2. to affect… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • Hex Enduction Hour — Hex Enduction Hour …   Википедия

  • Hex-A deficiency — Deficiency of the enzyme hexosaminidase A, the cause of Tay Sachs disease. Hex A deficiency results in failure to process a lipid (a fat) which accumulates and is deposited in the brain and other tissues, to their detriment. The lipid that is… …   Medical dictionary

  • hex screw — /ˈhɛks skru/ (say heks skrooh) noun a screw with a hexagonal head that can be tightened with a wrench …   Australian English dictionary

  • hex bolt — A bolt with a six sided head …   Dictionary of automotive terms

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